My Educational Journey with Anoa Changa, Part 1

This is the second installment of our feature we call “My Educational Journey”. In this feature we sit down with an interesting person of note and discuss the ups and downs of their education. We can learn so much from the experiences of others. This time we chat with Ms. Anoa Changa, host of The Way with Anoa.

She is a Mom and Lawyer based in Atlanta. She is also an activist and Progressive firebrand. She is unbent and unbowed. She is an inspiration to many of us. Her voice is loud and clear. People First and Always. To those of us at the Progressive Army, Podcast Revolution and Media Revolt she is just “Sis”.  Always a ready smile, a pat on the back or a boot to the hindquarters. It’s all love!

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Watch My Educational Journey with Anoa Changa

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